Mark Weinstein // Senior Vice President and Global Head of Consumer Engagement, Hilton

Mark Weinstein, Global Head of Consumer Engagement for Hilton, discusses brand loyalty and competing from the top, as a premium brand, rather than from the bottom, where low prices drive consumers. Weinstein makes the point that engaged, technology driven consumers can swayed by intermediaries, or get lost in the overwhelming amount of information available, or they can become a dedicated and brand-loyal customer when offered incentives through meaningful membership programs like Hilton’s.

Weinstein lays out the criteria for a successful loyalty program, including making it easy to join, creating incentives relevant to the customer, and providing an experience that is worthy of return visits. Weinstein believes that as technology increases customer expectations, brands like Hilton will profit more from honing consumer engagement programs, rather than continuously trying to lower prices to temporarily compete with other hotels.

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